As you can probably tell, I am Tommy Poe. I'm in my 30's and live in southern Virginia. I've been around baseball my entire life starting when I was weeks old. My father was a stadium usher at Lynchburg City Stadium and I began to go to games not too long after my August birth. I saw the L-Mets, the L-Sox (Boston), and the changeover to Hillcats and the teams that followed (Pirates, Reds, Braves, Indians). Baseball was in my blood.

Unfortunately, I've never particularly good at it. Short and prone to be a chubby dude, baseball was better suited for observation and analysis. I began to appreciate the statistical side of things toward the end of high school, though I am still vulnerable to superstitions as to where I can sit during a game. It's completely irrational and it has zero to do with the Braves, but that doesn't stop me.

I'm not an economics, nor statistics professional. My understanding of stats and my usage of statistical analysis is not nearly as robust as others, but I believe it's a happy medium ground between those that use ridiculously outdated stats and those creating the stats they are championing as we speak.

I have operated a few baseball blogs before this one, but WalkOffWalk (WOW) has been my longest running and most viewed one. It's named for Andruw Jones's walk-off walk against Kenny Rogers to end the 1998 NLCS. The best way to keep up with this blog is to follow me on Twitter at @WalkOffWalk1 as I will promote articles from both sites there.

Updated for 2017: I hope to get into the habit of posting regular articles throughout the week. The schedule will look like this.
*Monday Recap - which looks at games of the past week and previews the next week
*Transaction Tuesday - A run down of all of the promotions, demotions, trades, releases, etc. for the previous week for the system. Bigger deals will often receive a separate article.
*Wednesday - Open
*Thursday - Random Former Brave - I use mostly Braves from 1991 and beyond because that's when I started to watch the Braves. I'll recap their careers and where they might be if I can find the information.
*Friday - Open
*Saturday Stats Pack and Saturday Minor League Stats Pack - Observations based both on short-term and long-term trends in the numbers which interest me.
*Random Prospect Sunday - With the help of a list of minor league players and a random generator, I'll profile a prospect that often does not receive much digital ink.
***If I miss a day, I'll likely not make up the missed article and return it the next week instead. 

Unrelated to baseball, I am married and the father of two beautiful girls. Like most, I am a fan of music, movies, and television. If you have any questions, feel free to probe away.

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